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Investment Structure

T Squared Capital LLC ("TSP") is a fundamentally-orientated private investment fund specializing in micro-cap public and private companies. TSP primarily focuses on investing in companies through a private investment in public equity or a private company that will go public via an IPO in the near future. TSP generally makes upfront investments of $0.25 million to $2.0 million in companies with enterprise values or market capitalizations of less than $300 million.

PIPEs Investment Structure

TSP's investment philosophy is based upon a fundamentally-oriented value investment methodology valuing businesses based on the actual value of the enterprise versus using market-based metrics to price securities. TSP will never utilize short positions within a company's security, leverage within the fund, or variable rate transactions structures that are based on market prices within its investments.


Private Investment Structure

TSP's investment philosophy is based upon providing capital to private companies for acquisitions and organic growth.  TSP is focused on providing strategic insight to its portfolio companies to help them navigate the process of going public, acquisitions, raising additional capital via debt and equity and also helping them structure the business going forward.


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