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Investment Criteria

T Squared Capital LLC ("TSP") investment philosophy is built on creating a win-win situation for the current investors, the management and TSP.  Companies that become recipients of TSP's capital generally meet the following criteria:

  • Cash flow positive or occasionally breakeven as measured by net income or operating income on a run-rate basis, either through acquisition or growth.

  • Use of capital is typically for acquisitions, growth capital, refinancing or capital structure clean-up.

Companies must possess the following:

  • Strong shareholder-oriented management and Board of Directors / strong corporate governance

  • Strong organic revenue and profitability growth (historical and future)

  • TSP is industry and location agnostic (although must be listed on a U.S. exchange)

Investment Size

TSP will invest up to a maximum of $4.0 million in its initial investment with a focus on $500,000 to $2.0 million. TSP is focused on also providing significant capital to each of its portfolio companies post investment to help them expand their business and take the company to the next stage of its lifecycle.

Industry Focus

TSP is industry agnostic but does not invest in biotech companies with non proven technologies.

Investment Methods

TSP invests in domestic and international, private or public, profitable companies through private purchase of shares in public companies, private purchase of shares in private companies or purchase of shares through block transactions or open market purchases

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