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T Squared Capital LLC and T Squared Investments LLC and (Collectively "TSP") is not a broker, dealer, or registered investment advisor. The information provided at this site is not intended to effect any transaction nor is it an offer to buy or sell securities. TSP is supplying the content of this website and any electronic communications (via email) solely for general information purposes. Even though TSP uses its best efforts to compile its data from reliable sources, we do not warrant the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of any of the information provided through either TSP. The intent of the information on this site is to assist in the educational process of investors, demonstrate standard research techniques, and provide independent research and analysis on public companies. The entire contents of this site are not intended to be construed as investment advice. The goal of this site is to provide data that may be helpful for informational purposes only. Each user is fully responsible for his own investment activities and should never act upon the information contained within this site, without first consulting a professional investment advisor or broker. In no event shall TSP, it's agents, affiliates or employees, be liable for any loss or damage (direct, consequential or otherwise) arising out of the use or content of this site (or email).

The opinions expressed in any and all research reports, websites, newsletters or emails, are purely those of the writers and at times may directly conflict with the opinions of the company itself. While the information obtained is from sources we deem to be reliable, we do not guarantee it's accuracy or completeness. Neither the information nor any opinion expressed, constitutes a solicitation by TSP for the purchase or sale of any securities. The information about any company on this site or any materials produced, distributed or shared by TSP shall not be relied upon for investment purposes and may not be accurate and TSP shall not be held liable for any information that may be incorrect on this site or any materials produced, distributed or shared by TSP. The companies featured in the research reports, emails, conversations, marketing materials or presented in any other sections of the website (other than banner advertisers) may have paid a fee to TSP for investor relations services. Any recipient of any information listed in the the previous sentence should feel free to contact TSP to discuss the compensation structure which is being received by TSP.  The employees, affiliates, or persons associated with TSP may from time to time hold a position in any of the securities mentioned and may make purchases or sales thereof while these reports or information are in circulation or posted on the TSP website. As each state and province across North America is often governed by it's own securities legislation, it is the end user's responsibility to ensure they are in compliance with their local regulatory agencies. While we firmly believe every person has a right to freedom of expression and free access to information under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, it is still best that you be fully educated and knowledgeable of existing rules and regulations governing the trade of public securities.

If you do not agree 100% with the statements above, then kindly refrain from accessing this site. If you are subscribed to our email newsletter or email list, then also please send us an email to Remove@tsquaredpartners.com asking for immediate removal of your name by placing remove in the subject line.

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